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VIDEO GAME: Watch Dogs (Matt Ulery’s Loom – Scott Free)

VIDEO GAME: Watch Dogs (Matt Ulery's Loom - Scott Free)

VIDEO GAME: Watch Dogs (Matt Ulery’s Loom – Scott Free)

Jazz music from watch dogs radio. Enjoy 😉

Matt Ulery’s ‘Loom’ has been captivating audiences for over 3 years. The first cd release,”Music Box Ballerina,” has been a long time coming and highly anticipated. Loom, which consists of Thad Franklin on trumpet, Tim Haldeman on tenor saxophone, Jon Deitemyer on drums, Rob Clearfield on accordian and piano, Zach Brock on violin, and Matt Ulery on double bass and compositions, come together on “Music Box Ballerina” with eight original compositions of Ulery’s which have been a part of the group’s live repitoire for the last year. In addition, the mezmorizing, innovative, Polish jazz singer, Grazyna Auguscik, appears on one track of the album. Ulery has been performing with Auguscik for 3 years all over the U.S. and Europe as well as appearing on her two latest albums.
Loom is a modern, chamber music group. The music, while coming from the American and European jazz tradition, including highly syncopated rhythms, modern jazz harmony, and improvisation, also influenced by folk music from the Americas and Eastern Europe as well as modern alternative and indie rock bands from all over the world. Ulery’s music has also been described, at times, as cinematic and fanciful.

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